All Aluminum Truck Bodies by DURAMAG


DURAMAG studied the competition and incorporated the good, tossed the bad, and designed solutions customers were asking for – both then and now. They are confident that they build the finest aluminum bodies on the market and will work to be sure you’re entirely satisfied with all products.

We carry Aluminum Truck Bodies For All Applications:

DuraMag Landscape Truck Bodies

DuraMag® Landscape Bodies are not only durable and cost effective, but they make your company look good!

Unlike many other truck bodies, Landscape bodies have a critical appearance component. Aluminum gives you that clean, professional look.

DuraMag Hauler Truck Beds

When it comes to serious work, the DuraMag® Hauler series won’t let you down.

With an integrated steel sub frame that includes both a gooseneck hitch and a rear receiver, you’re ready to haul from day one. And you’re ready to do it with a body that’s as tough as your truck is.

DuraMag Aluminum Platform Truck Bodies

The DuraMag® aluminum advantages over steel:

  • Super strong with lighter weight, Higher payload capacity, Lower fuel consumption, Less chassis wear and tear, No rust, More environmentally-friendly manufacturing process

DuraMag Aluminum Dump Truck Bodies

  • HD Models are designed for heavier commercial use.
  • The Eco Dump Body is a light-duty body that’s an affordable option for residential or light commercial use.

DuraMag Aluminum Custom Truck Bodies

We know that cookie cutter doesn’t always work for every application

You tell us your requirements. We will design a body to meet your needs. It starts with a conversation and ends with a product that optimizes your income.